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Alcoholism Treatment

Alcoholism is a complicated concept and disorder that many people do not fully understand or comprehend.

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Drug Addiction Treatment

When people consider the concepts of drug and alcohol addiction, they more often than not think of these substance abuse issues as singular, isolated disorders...

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Medical Detox

When a person finally admits and realizes that they have a drug or alcohol problem, they have taken the first small step towards recovery.

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In the perpetual quest for pleasure and the resulting misery of substance abuse lies the power of addiction. Although drug use typically begin as a conscious choice, the progression into addiction is not. Drug treatment centers are therefore designed for those who can willingly choose to be helped as well as for those who don’t or can’t. The work of Manchester Drug Treatment Centers present a feasible answer to the dichotomy of addiction. The mission is to return individuals to their normal lives by rescuing them from the hopelessness of drug or alcohol addiction.

Importance of Drug Treatment Centers

According to a survey on drug use conducted by the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA) approximately 23.5 million people from age 12 and older need treatment for drug or alcohol abuse. A little over 11% of these individuals are helped by drug treatment Centers. Many who do not enter a rehab facility seek recovery through self-efforts. Studies show the majority of people who attempt to get clean by themselves either relapse due to withdrawal symptoms or return to drug use soon after cessation. Research also show that recidivism rates are significantly reduced for those who participate in and complete residential rehab programs.

Drug addiction is a multifaceted condition that affect individuals on a physical and psychological level. Merely halting drug use does not adequately impact the neurological changes caused by habitual drug use. The National Institute on Drug Abuse conclusively reported that when evidence-based interventions are used to treat addiction, people are able to stop abusing drugs and resume productive lives. And, according to research that track people in recovery following treatment at a rehab facility, those who remained committed to abstinence, over time, were noticeably able to improve their occupational and psychological functioning.

Addiction Treatment

Treatment typically begins with a medical detoxification process that aid in the withdrawal process. Manchester Drug Treatment Centers is licensed and certified to provide and administer evidence based addiction treatment interventions. At intake our board certified psychiatrists, doctors and nurses perform a thorough evaluation in order to make an accurate diagnosis regarding the physical and psychological status of the patient beyond the addiction. In is during this process that patients suffering with dual diagnosis are identified. Patients with co-occurring disorders are then about to receive the appropriate treatment for mental illness as well as addiction. This is a critical component in addiction treatment today because mental illness for many individuals is a major driver or trigger to their addictive behavior

Manchester Drug Treatment Center applies a systematic approach to treatment. Our comprehensive programs integrates various holistic, traditional and evidence-based treatment protocols. Based on the patient’s treatment profile an assigned treatment team is able to customize a treatment program for each individual. This program is continuously re-evaluated and when necessary adjusted as the patient’s recovery process progresses.

The primary objective is to amend the neuro-pharmacological changes that resulted in substance abuse and addiction. As such Manchester Drug Treatment Centers combine the administration of medications such as Suboxone and other medications along with holistic and traditional treatment interventions to achieve full recovery.
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